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In today’s sports environment, discovering effective methods of facilitating athletic performance is paramount to success. One of our goals at Recovery Loft is to help athletes incorporate a recovery session into their workout program


Muscle aches and stiffness, as well as joint pain and inflammation, can be lessened with the aid of infrared saunas. The deep penetrating heat can aid in the healing process and promote general relaxation and well-being by enhancing tissue circulation and oxygenation.

Ice Bath

Ice baths provide various advantages for people who utilize them. The cold temperature of the water can aid in the reduction of inflammation and swelling in the body, which is especially good for athletes and others who engage in high-intensity exercise.


Jacuzzis provide various advantages for individuals who utilize them. For starters, the warm water and massaging jets of a jacuzzi can help to relax and soothe aching muscles, which is especially good for people who have chronic pain or work in a physically demanding job.

Massage Guns

Massage guns have grown in popularity as a therapy for muscle rehabilitation and relaxation in recent years. Massage guns can help with muscle tightness and stiffness, as well as improve circulation and range of motion. They can also help with injury recovery by stimulating the formation of new tissue and minimizing scar tissue.

Recovery Boots

Recovery boots are a type of wearable technology that aids in muscle repair and sports performance. They function by applying pneumatic pressure to the limbs, which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. This can aid in reducing muscular pain and stiffness, hastening recovery after a workout, and improving overall athletic performance.

Our Story

Our aim at Recovery Loft Malta is to help athletes improve their sports performance with faster recovery rates and help people to unwind, relax and improve their mental wellbeing.